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GHN 9182 F
918RLP-2-F 918SLL-2-F 918SLP-2-F

  Fingerprint Recognition Time: ≤1.2s.
Fingerprint Capturing Time: ≤0.2s.
Fingerprint Permissible Variation: <±5mm .
Permissible Angle of the Finger: <±180 degree.
FAR (False Acceptance Rate): < 0.0001%.
FRR (False Rejection Rate): < 0.1%.
Fingerprint Capacity: 120pcs (60person, can be extended 200pcs fingerprint max).
Working Temperature: -18C°~55C°.
Working Humidity: 0%~99%.
Power Supply: 4pcs AA Alkaline Batteries.
Fingerprint Resolution: 500DPI.
Fingerprint Collecting Window Size: >18mm×22mm.
Battery Life: unlocking more than 35000 times, can last for more than one year.
Collecting Life: 1,000,000 times.
RANGE OF APPLICATION: Home, community, villa, office, laboratory, classified papers office, information center, factory, storehouse, financial system of the bank, store of valuables, star-rated hotel, and other places require safety.
Cover Size: 286mm(Height) x 70mm(Width) x 26mm(Thickness).
Mortise size: 204mm(Height) x 106mm(Width) x 23mm(Thickness).




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